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Google Plus Marketing

Google Ads

AdWords gives a bonus. It can help you reveal the ‘money making’ keywords in your industry. The Adwords marketplace works as an auction. People bid money for clicks. But, the highest bid doesn’t always win. Google combines the money factor with a quality factor, in order to create the best experience for the user.

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Google Plus Posting

Posting on Google+ is good for SEO, and posting text, links, photos, videos, and even current location. However, with Google Plus there are a few things that are a bit different from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Google+ is a powerful search engine marketing tool for companies, influencers, and your own personal branding.

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Google Business

Google Marketing Strategy

Content that is posted to Google+ is far more likely to show up in search results than other pages, websites, articles, and content posted to other social networks because Google ranks their own social network higher and they crawl it faster.

The added benefit is that Google even previews certain Google+ posts with rich snippets (profile picture, media, etc.), giving them even more real estate in a search!

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Google Growth Strategy

Google has made a huge investment in Google+, and it’s here to stay for awhile. Because of this cross-product integration, brands may see some exciting effects from Google+ social activity, like increased lift in search results and traffic from +1 buttons embedded in display ads.

We consider how to integrate Google+ into your overall Google strategy — from SEO and ads to mobile and video —and view it as the social layer that ties all Google-owned properties together.

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