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Web Development & Design

Real Estate Website

The best real estate websites are polished and human. The agent should be front and center but content should be focussed on helping . The home page is arguably the most important page of your real estate website to have optimized for SEO — the meta description included. For many users, it’ll be the first introduction to your real estate company through branded searches, as well as more general real estate searches in your market.

Heres an example of a Real Estate Website.

Our Process

Web Development & Design

1. Conduct a 30 minute consultation with you to find out your company brand, marketing goals, and needs (In-person if local or over the phone).

2. If local we schedule a time to come out and take photos. If not we work with a network of photographers globally.

3.We design and create the content from scratch to put on your website and/or we use the content that you provide us. Once the website has your approval after the web review, you are now ready for your website to go live!

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